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Charities, social enterprises and SVW

Posted on 28 Dec 2014

Thousands of students across the UK volunteer with local, national and international charities and social enterprises. If you work for a charity or social enterprise, here's how you can get involved in Student Volunteering Week 2015 (23 Feb - 1 Mar).

Before you get involved

  • Think carefully about what your aims are for your involvement. Are you trying to recruit more ongoing volunteers? Do you need some one-off volunteers to help with a particular project? Do you want to recognise and praise your current volunteers? Do you want students to take action on the issue that you're tackling?
  • Having a clear aim or two will help you to make the most of SVW and focus your plans
  • Make sure you're ready for potential volunteers. Having a clear recruitment/selection/induction/training plan is crucial to a positive volunteer experience
  • Update any relevant website/Facebook pages
  • Register your interest using the button below (it helps us to keep track of who's planning to get involved)

Here are some suggestions for what your involvement in SVW 2015 could be. We'd encourage you to come up with your own ideas too and share them with us!

1. Recognise your current volunteers

Shout about them on social media, in your newsletters, share posts with the SVW Team

2. Explain the role that volunteers play in supporting your charity's vision and mission.

You could ask your volunteers to share their story or takeover your social media for the week - let them spread the word about what they give and gain while working with you!

Here are a few examples of website/blog articles written by charities or volunteers last year: Caudwell Children, Nutmeg Community, IntoUniversity, Marie Curie

You can also write a guest article for our SVW Blog. Last year we featured STAR, The Access Project, the Heritage of Care, and vinspired.

You can read our blogging guidelines here.

3. Send individual thank you cards or emails to your volunteers

4. Reach out to colleges and universities in your area

Click here to see a list of the colleges and unis that have registered for SVW 2015. We've listed the department involved at each institution so you should be able to get in touch easily.

You might be able to host a joint event with your local college or uni (either volunteering, information, or training etc.), attend a volunteering fair if they're hosting one, or submit an advert for their website or newsletter. Some examples of events from previous years include…

5. Have a clear ask

Raising awareness of your charity or cause is great, but what do you actually want people to do? Think carefully about what action you'd like students to take (and which students) and make it easy and straightforward for them to get involved.

Top tips

  • Use a variety of communication channels during the week, including your own website/blog, your email newsletter, the SVW Blog, Facebook, Twitter (share with us at #SVW2015 or @SVW2015) etc.
  • Think carefully about your target audience and adapt your content/tone accordingly
  • A picture really is worth a thousand words and will get much higher engagement on social media

The SVW Team

The national team from Student Hubs & NUS coordinate SVW activities for the nationwide campaign, 23 Feb - 1 Mar 2015

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