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Getting ready for Student Volunteering Week 2015

Posted on 9 Dec 2014

As Christmas approaches, many of you will be looking ahead to next term…

A highlight of Term 2 in the student calendar is Student Volunteering Week (SVW), an annual, nationwide campaign that Barclays has supported for the last 3 years. SVW 2015 will take place 23 February - 1 March, and the campaign aims to…

  • raise awareness of student volunteering
  • inspire more people to get involved
  • celebrate the positive impact that students are already making in their communities

During the week itself, students and volunteering staff at colleges and universities across the UK get involved by promoting SVW on their campus. This might be through a volunteering fair, organising one-off volunteering opportunities on or off campus, joining forces with other colleges/unis in your area, hosting a celebration event for current volunteers, and sharing what they're up to for #SVW2015 on social media. Check out our 2014 highlights gallery.

How can you get involved?

  • Keep up with the national and local plans for the week by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.
  • See if your college or university is on this list of over 100 institutions who have registered to host SVW on their campus, then get in touch with your volunteering centre to get involved in local plans.
  • If they're not on the list, you can still celebrate SVW, just get in touch and we'll get you started!
  • Nominate yourself or a friend for the Student Volunteer of the Year Award by Friday. This annual Award celebrates students who make a positive impact in their community. It will be presented by an MP in the Houses of Parliament in February 2015, and you'll receive £1000 to go to a charity or project of your choice. Nominations close on Friday, click here to nominate.
  • Tell us your volunteering story on our national blog. We're always looking to showcase the fantastic work of student volunteers from around the UK.

The SVW Team

The national team from Student Hubs & NUS coordinate SVW activities for the nationwide campaign.

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