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Institution spotlight: Cumbria University SU

Posted on 23 Feb 2014

The team at Cumbria have been hard at work prepping for a week filled with activities and events. Keep reading to find out what they have planned…

Monday 24th February: Good Deed Day

Last year 3 students from our Carlisle campuses applied for funding from NUS and have been given £200 towards an Entertainment Day event. They’ll be looking for volunteers who can share their interest in the arts, as they will be running an entertainment day at a local charity. They’re looking for dancers, musicians, artists to run art sessions, and more, anything and everything that could be shared with local people.

Tuesday 25th February: Fair Trade Fashion Show at Carlisle

We’re going to be looking for students who would be happy to show off some designs in the fair trade fashion show. As well as models, we’re going to be looking for volunteers to to help with other activities supporting the event such as light and sound. The event should be lots of fun for everyone taking part and all those coming to view the show.

Wednesday 26th Feb: ‘U Stand Out’ Opportunities Fair at Carlisle

This is going to be a brilliant event where you can develop key skills and learn more about local volunteering and employment opportunities. There will be workshops around leadership, being more assertive, CV enhancing, and more and students will be able to sign up for any sessions that they like the sound of. We’ll also be having students volunteering on the day, meeting and greeting people as they arrive and showing them to the correct rooms.

Friday 28th Feb: ‘U Stand Out’ Opportunities Fair at Lancaster

We’ll be taking the fair on the road and going to Lancaster to get even more students involved. Cumbria 1

Saturday 1st March: Opportunities at Lancaster, Ambleside and Carlisle

Activities Day with Children with Disabilities in Lancaster and Bag Pack with Cumbria CVS and Carlisle Carers in Carlisle!

For more information, click here.

Cumbria University SU


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