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Institution spotlight: Essex University

Posted on 26 Feb 2014

The volunteering team at Essex University have been having an awesome SVW. See what they’ve been getting up to below…

Monday 24th

  • Clearing around large pond at Engaines Primary School
  • Clearing brambles and fallen trees at Chappel and Wakes Colne
  • Painting at Scouts Hut, Manningtree
  • Small World project at Montgomery Junior School

Tuesday 25th

  • Painting a mural and playground at Barnardo’s Children Centre, Brightlingsea
  • Cutting trees and hedges at Markes Wood
  • Global Voices project at Montgomery School
  • Teaching cheer at Montgomery School

Wednesday 26th

  • Clearing up Clacton Seafront
  • Cutting hedges, trees etc at Salary Brook Nature Reserve
  • Art Club and Small World projects at Lexden Springs Primary School
  • Time Travellers project at Montgomery Junior School
  • Money mind and Einstein projects at Kings Ford Junior School
  • Golden Age project at Freda Gunton Lodge

Thursday 27th

  • Weeding, litter-picking at Birch Parish
  • Clearing pond at Bourne Mill
  • Painting at East Anglian Railway Museum
  • Netball coaching at Montgomery

Friday 28th

  • Brighltlingsea litter-picking
  • Painting Park Pavillion community centre

Saturday 1st

  • Sorting out donations at Colchester Food bank
  • Refugee Teaching Programme at Refugee Centre

Sunday 2nd

  • Building boardwalks at Cockayne Trust, Wivenhoe

V Team at Essex University


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