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Institution Spotlight: Oxford and Oxford Brookes

Posted on 3 Feb 2014

On Wednesday, our brand new SVW committee met for the first time for a nice big brainstorm of our ideas for the week.

As creative juices began to flow, we came up with more than enough ideas for the week. Our favourites included a ‘Take Me Out’ style event with sports teams, a volunteering fair with 20’s themed tea party and a panel discussion on homelessness, plus a mass litter-pick to finish the week off. Good Deed Day is also going to be back and we’re hoping to gather some hype around this by using the idea of ‘pay it forward’ cards to get good deeds flying around Oxford beforehand, as well as making a visual representation of all the good deeds done on the day in the form of a huge paperchain.

I’m really excited to get working on our plans and hope that as well as raising awareness of what the Oxford Hub does, SVW will remind people how good it feels to be able to make someone else’s day and encourage them to use that positive energy to make a difference through volunteering in the local community and beyond.

Sian Allen

Sian is a second year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at Oxford University. She first got involved with volunteering during Sixth Form through day trips for disabled young people. She is now Local Action Coordinator at Oxford Hub, helping to support student volunteering organisations around Oxford. She regularly volunteers at a soup kitchen, facilitates study visits from schools to the Oxford Union and took part in a bungee jump for RAG.

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