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Good Deed Day 2015 at Franklin College

Posted on 13 Feb 2015

Franklin College was one of ten institutions to receive a £200 grant to support their Good Deed Day plans. Their event immediately stood out when we were reading through applications, and with only 10 days to go until SVW, current student Molly tells us how their plans are going…

"Student Volunteering has become a lot more common in our community and we as students feel that we are responsible for keeping this trend expanding…"

Our student charity fundraising team at Franklin College were very enthusiastic to take part in Student Volunteering Week! From the start the ideas started flooding and we finally decided to organise a food drive for our local homeless shelter, Harbour Place. We wanted to get as many donations as we could and so decided to expand our food drive out of Franklin College and into the local community, we did this by getting local primary and secondary schools involved! This was a great chance to produce a huge donation for Harbour Place and come together as a community to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

Once we had our idea it was time to put the plan into action! We started off be collaborating together our different connections such as our local volunteer centre VANEL (Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire), this connection has been very useful for organising and gave us the knowledge that comes from experience of these types of projects. We, as students, all have our own different experiences of volunteering and doing our best to help others; some of these experiences include promoting awareness of diabetes, sports leadership, fundraising and working with schools to inspire the new generation to contribute to their communities.

"Volunteering, to me personally, means a lot because when you have the help of a volunteer you know that it comes with great care and passion."

The connection to the schools we believe is very important, not only do they contribute a great deal to the food drive but we also get to send a message out to them about student volunteers. We get to inspire them to take on projects where the outcome could change peoples lives for the better. The value of a volunteer is priceless. Volunteering, to me personally, means a lot because when you have the help of a volunteer you know that it comes with great care and passion. A volunteer expects nothing in return but hope that what they do is helping somebody or something to improve.

I along with another student volunteer Kate are organisers for a separate project that we are organising at the same time as the food drive although this event will not be until the 26th of June 2015, all our friends on the charity fundraising team at Franklin College are also helping us with this project by being young leaders on the day. This event is called Oasis MiniWeDay and the aim of the day will be to inspire and motivate over 100 students from 5 different schools in our region, the day is themed around resilience as we believe it is important that young people gain the skills and knowledge to cope with everyday circumstances. We also plan on showing the importance of support from schools because from personal experience I know just how important school system is to a student in their time of need.

In our community 2015 has kickstarted the promotion of Student Volunteering it has become a lot more common in our area and we as students feel that we are responsible for keeping this trend expanding! Our project is coming on leaps and bounds, and we are sure that we will have made a huge contribution to Harbour Place by the end of Student Volunteering Week!

Molly Dixon

Molly is a local Drama Group Actress, Summer School Volunteer, Free The Children local coordinator, Former Academy Head Prefect, Volunteer Sports Leadership and project leader for SkySports Living For Sport!

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