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The impact of student fundraisers

Posted on 5 Feb 2015

Volunteering is a crucial aspect of fundraising for charities throughout the country. Fundraising efforts often rely on the hard work of volunteers; many of whom are students at institutions, whilst simultaneously giving up their time to volunteer for worthwhile causes. The impact is widespread; from raising money to support research into cures for cancers and diseases through to raising money for emergency appeals and charities which support those who are homeless, hungry or hurt. At NaSFA (National Student Fundraising Association) we work with student fundraising groups and RAGs across the country who spend hours and hours of their time putting in hard work to raise money for causes that matter to them.

The impact that this fundraising has, and the amazing people who get involved with fundraising activities, are reason enough to get involved with these societies and groups. Often groups and individual fundraisers raise money for local causes in the community, however, their efforts often extend to National and International causes, and everything raised makes a tremendous difference to the charities carrying out crucial roles. The nature of fundraising varies, whilst some volunteers take on leadership positions, nearly all student fundraisers will have taken part in cake sales, a charity bar crawl or even a 'Raid' to another city to bucket shake. Some of the most imaginative events can raise thousands for charity; one popular event is 'Jailbreak' where the participants get sponsored to get as far away from a given location with no money under time pressure. Volunteers are also instrumental in coming up with new creative ideas to raise money.

Volunteering is an incredibly rewarding activity, even more so when undertaken for the purposes of fundraising for charity. The effect one volunteer with a smile and a positive attitude can have is incredible; if you're interested in doing some volunteering, get in touch with a RAG, student fundraising group or a local charity and offer to get involved. You'll learn loads and have a great time doing it too.

The NaSFA committee and student fundraisers counting down to SVW


NaSFA (National Student Fundraising Association) is an independent, membership led organisation, representing all student fundraisers in the UK. Email them at nationalsfa@gmail.com