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SVW 2015 Highlights

Posted on 14 Apr 2015

Since Student Volunteering Week ended on 1 March, we've been gathering as much information as possible from those who took part. We're committed to improving SVW every year, and this information is essential to that process.

We're excited to share with you some of our headline stats and highlights from 2015. If you took part in SVW, these numbers and stories are what you contributed to. If you didn't take part this year, hopefully this will inspire you to join us in 2016!

SVW at college and universities

  • We had 121 different institutions register to host the week.
  • Based on our What's On page, institution evaluation forms, and some social media tracking, we know that 86 of those institutions delivered activities during the week, including publicity events, talks, volunteering opportunities, celebrations, social media campaigns etc.
  • The vast majority of these were HE institutions. Our FE engagement did increase slightly this year, but we've still got a long way to go! If you work or study at an FE institution and have thoughts on how we can make SVW more accessible for you, please get in touch!
  • It was also great to hear that 66% of institutions who took part this year also took part last year, and 34% were new to SVW, showing that our audience continues to grow.
  • These numbers blew us away! These numbers came directly from 67 different colleges and universities who tracked their events, attendance and overall volunteer numbers before and after the week. You can see a lot of these events on our What's On page!
  • 62% of those institutions said they'd seen volunteer numbers increase within 3 weeks of SVW, which demonstrates how the week can be used to reach new audiences and publicise opportunities.
  • We also got some attendee feedback from around 20 institutions (% new to volunteering, % felt inspired).
  • Next year, we hope to help staff and students increase these numbers and improve our guidance on monitoring and evaluation.

The SVW Award

  • Looking at our annual Student Volunteer of the Year Award, we were delighted to see a 118% increase in nominations from last year, and 34 different institutions represented. This reflected our increased focus on recognising existing volunteers in order to inspire more people to get involved.
  • Next year, we want to double these numbers again, secure an all-star judging panel, get to know the shortlist better through interviews and videos, and increase press interest in the Award and its winner.

Social Media

  • We couldn't do a round up of the week without showing off our amazing followers and contributors on social media. #SVW2015 got 7,500 mentions during the week itself, and those Tweets reached 3.4 million people!
  • 19% institutions had their SVW activities covered by local press
  • Next year, we want to make sure that as many Tweets as possible link to a webpage to generate more click-throughs to website, blog and Facebook content content. We also want to improve our press advice so that more students get the recognition that they deserve in local press.

We know that these numbers only provide a tiny snapshot of what happened during SVW 2015, but it's clear that none of this would be possible without the hard work of hundreds of staff and students at colleges and universities across the UK. We look forward to telling more of their stories through case studies, photos and videos that have been shared with us.

Stay tuned for SVW 2016: 22-28 February. Full details coming in September.

The SVW Team

Get in touch with the SVW Team at info@studentvolunteeringweek.org.uk