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Welcome to Student Volunteering Week 2016

Posted on 7 Sep 2015

With 167 days to go until the start on Student Volunteering Week 2016, we are delighted to announce that SVW 2016 registration is now open.

This means that if you’re a student or member of staff at a college or university in the UK, and you’d like to get involved in planning SVW events and activities on your campus and in your community, you can now register to host SVW.

Why get involved in Student Volunteering Week?

  • SVW is an annual, nationwide campaign. We’re all about spotlighting the amazing work of student volunteers in the UK, building collaborative networks, and inspiring more students to give volunteering a try! Check out our highlights from 2015, or look back at all the local events during the week.
  • Current student volunteers and staff at 100 colleges and universities develop their own local/regional plans, e.g. one-off volunteering opportunities with local charities, networking events to bring students and charities together, publicising their own student-led opportunities on campus, celebrations to recognise volunteers, fundraising for social issues they care about, partnering with local businesses and much more! Check out what happened during SVW 2015.
  • The SVW Team (made up of staff from Student Hubs, NUS and the Student Volunteering Network) is on hand to share advice and resources, facilitate collaboration, and shine a spotlight on inspiring people and innovative opportunities.

How does registration work?

Registering allows you to join in with all of our pre-SVW activities including training webinars for staff, our student training days, our Award nominations, funding advice, t-shirt designs and ordering etc.

Even if you registered last year, you'll need to register again this year so we have an up-to-date record of who's getting involved.

  • Go to our Get Involved page and click 'Register'
  • Fill in your department's details to create a login. We only need one registration per department (e.g. SU, Careers Centre, Volunteering team etc.), so make a note of which contact email address & password you use so that others from your department can log-in at a later date if necessary for things like award nominations, t-shirt orders etc.
  • Your department's name and website will then appear on our Registration page so students, charities, businesses and other colleges/unis can see that you're involved and contact you to find out more about your plans.
  • Sign up to our newsletter - anyone can do this (staff, students etc.)! We'll send our first newsletter on Monday 14 September and then they'll be going out fortnightly with our latest news, advice and opportunities for you all.

How can I stay up to date with SVW plans around the country?

We can't wait to work with you all! If you’d like to chat to a member of the team about Student Volunteering Week, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The SVW Team

Get in touch with the SVW Team at info@studentvolunteeringweek.org