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Video blog: Getting press coverage

Posted on 10 Feb 2016

This information video has been produced for students and volunteering teams planning or doing Student Volunteering Week activities. We’d love to see lots of press attention for SVW this year as it’s such a great, positive story for them to feature.

This video has two key learning objectives:

1. Who to talk to get press coverage

2. How to write a press release

We talk about student media, local media, and national media, and then talk you through some top tips. Finally, we explain the elements of a press release.

Thanks to the Student Publications Association (SPA), Student Radio Association (SRA), and National Student Television Association (NaSTA) for helping us to encourage student media to join the SVW team. We’re really keen for student media to cover Student Volunteering Week as it’s great to be engaging student volunteers with all elements of the campaign.

If you’d like a quote, support, or you have a press lead that you need help with, email the SVW Press Team at press@studentvolunteeringweek.org

The video accompanies this press briefing, so if you’d like more detail, read that too!


SVW Team

The national SVW team from Student Hubs & NUS coordinate SVW activities for the nationwide campaign, 22-28 Feb 2016

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