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7 things DSU Volunteering learned from SVW2016

Posted on 14 Mar 2016

Now that SVW 2016 is over, we're excited to share what some colleges and universities got up to. Today we hear from De Montfort Students' Union Volunteering, and the 7 things that they learned during the week…

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You can’t have missed it. Last week was Student Volunteering Week and DSU Volunteering had something going on every day that truly blew our minds. It might have been one of our awesome societies or sports clubs volunteering their time, brilliant fundraisers, a sleep out or us thanking you. Plus, you saw us shouting about one of our brilliant volunteers each day. So take a look at what we learned each day about volunteering at De Montfort Students’ Union.

Monday: Steppers in Schools

The DMU Steppers are simply awesome performers – you knew that already – but now so do a whole school in Leicester. DMU Steppers wowed school pupils with one of their famous routines and are now looking at going back and teaching. Watch this space for Mini Steppers.

Tuesday: Everyone Loves a Challenge

After having a go at one of the many mini challenges on offer more than 30 students have now signed up to get involved with local organisations or looking off to that big summer challenge – we’re expecting some awesome shots. But we still think that these challenges were designed to be impossible.

Wednesday: Welcome to the History of DSU

You might have volunteered for a long time, you may have just started, or maybe volunteering week was the first time you even volunteered. Well, DMU students have been doing it since the 1930s – that’s over 80 years of volunteering history! We thought we’d give you a chance to see what’s been done in the past to inspire you for the future. Did you know that RAG raised £9,000 in 1986? That’s now worth more than £24,000! We’re challenging you to beat that next year…

Thursday: DSU Volunteering has Artists

Okay, so maybe we lied a little on this one. With awesome Arts courses at DMU we kind of know our students are talented, but look at those paintings above. Not only are DMU students artistic they are generous with their talents – donating their paintings to a local homeless charity.

Friday: Giant Cookies are the best prizes EVER

Everybody has seen raffle prizes on offer, normally a few vouchers, free meals, night out tickets – they’re all great, but they are not a giant cookie with the week’s hashtag on it. Now THAT’s a prize and over 50 students came to our thank you event with one person lucky enough to win this.

Saturday: It’s possible to gig for 24 hours

These wonderful people of the DMU Music Society stayed out and held a fundraising gig in the bitter February cold for 24 hours. That’s right; 24 hours of a continuous gig – even if it did feature the Cha Cha Slide – all to raise money for MIND. A phenomenal achievement and one we are really proud of.

Sunday: Being Homeless is Tough

We all know being homeless isn’t easy but our volunteers learned just how tough it is in their awareness and fundraising event for a local charity, Action Homeless. They spent 12 hours out overnight for a freezing cold and uncomfortable night on cardboard. This is a momentous achievement and we also saw how generous our students are, coming down to support our volunteers – one armed with homemade soup.

Bonus: Over 230,000 people reached on social media.

We know that we’re spoiling you with an eighth thing when there are only seven days, but we’re feeling generous. Our video with other Midlands Students, made by DSU’s own Demon TV, was tweeted out to over 230,000 people. That’s quite a lot. We’re awfully pleased.

So there are seven(ish) things we learned from #SVW2016 – basically DMU students are pretty damn awesome volunteers.

DSU Volunteering

DSU Volunteering is the Volunteering Service at De Montfort Students’ Union. There are over 1000 active volunteers working with community organisations, running volunteering groups and starting their own projects.

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