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What has volunteering given me?

Posted on 23 Mar 2016

LSU Action is the volunteering section of Loughborough Students’ Union. Over the course of nearly twenty years, it has provided the local community with immeasurable assistance in a vast array of community events and initiatives. Thousands of student volunteers have helped shape Action into the incredible section it is today. Below are some of the things the current Action committee believe they have learnt during their time volunteering with LSU Action.

"Action has given me the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends."

Kathryn Freeman

"Action has allowed me to gain many employable skills, such as organisational skills, experience in working with children, and has built my self confidence."

Sam Hall

"Action has given me countless opportunities to broaden my horizons, and helped me gain confidence in many new situations."

Henry Howard

"One of many reasons why I love Action is the fact that it has an incredible influence on making new friendships. This section within the Student's Union is not only known for making an unforgettable impact on people in need but also it is known to be welcoming to all students who walk through the door to the Action office to begin what I believe is the best experience at university. You become friends with people who have nothing in common with you besides the love for volunteering and making a positive impact on others, and you suddenly realize that you are making friendships for life."

Anna Milewska

"Action has given me experience in organising and managing groups of volunteers in a diverse range of activities."

Rhys Durham

"Volunteering with my university has massively boosted my employability and developed me personally and professionally. It has become a true passion of mine and I'm so glad I got involved."

George Hones

"One of the most useful and transferable skills I have learnt during my involvement in Action is the ability to problem solve. It surprised me how difficult it was initially to deal with problems, particularly as we are all volunteering our time and all being student it is sometimes difficult to deal with people when things go wrong. I think that as a project leader and committee member however I have learnt so much about how to deal with project leaders who are not performing well, how to recruit last minute volunteers when everyone drops out and most importantly how to avoid common problems within projects!"

Charl Bray

"The skills that I have gained during my time at university are so helpful. I have become more communicative as I regularly volunteer with different people. I am also better at adapting to a variety of different situations."

Andrew Long

Loughborough Students' Union Action

LSU Action is the volunteering section of Loughborough Students’ Union.

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