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Student Volunteer Centre at Nottingham SU

Posted on 3 Apr 2016

The Student Volunteering Network (SVN) is a national organisation supporting workers in FE and HE to improve student volunteering.

They're a crucial part of the Student Volunteering Week team, spreading the word to their members about SVW activities and joining up loads of great initiatives.

Their aims are to:

  • Share information and good practice on supporting student volunteering.
  • Provide regional and national networking opportunities.
  • Encourage the professional development of our members.

Every month they spotlight an FE or HE institution, and this month they picked Nottingham Students' Union as they were in the lead with their activities for Student Volunteering Week. Here's a snapshot of their conversation with Lucy Wake…

How many members of staff work to deliver volunteering at your SU?

We have four members of staff within the Student Volunteer Centre at UoNSU, this includes three Volunteer Coordinators and our manager Martine. I work to develop our student societies as well as doing the SVC’s marketing, my colleague Matt works with our student-led projects and schools, and Emma works with our satellite campuses to ensure our projects are accessible to all of our students. We each also look after a range of brokerage projects and community partners.

What’s your main aim when delivering Student Volunteering Week to your students?

Student Volunteering Week for us is all about empowering students to make a positive impact within their local communities. Breaking down barriers for students to get involved in volunteering i.e. :

  • Providing taster sessions so students can test volunteering before committing longer term
  • Involving student volunteer reps who lead on taking students to the volunteering opportunities therefore supporting those less confident students to get involved.
  • Offering a wide variety of opportunities so that it is as inclusive as possible to ensure that a wide range of students can take part, this year we also aimed to get fifty opportunities to celebrate our 50th year too!

When did you start planning activities for SVW?

We started planning our activities as soon as we returned for the Spring Semester, but we are always on the look out for projects that we can involve in SVW.

How many projects do you normally run?

We have around 75 brokerage projects throughout the year and 45 volunteering-based student groups undertaking activities supported by the Student Volunteer Centre. We also help advertise a number of one-off opportunities throughout the year which includes an additional 30+ organisations .

What types of projects do you offer to your students?

We have a huge range of projects from befriending, to conservation to teaching children how to code!

What does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteering to us is all about having a positive impact on our local community.

How long has the Student Volunteer Centre been around?

The Student Volunteer Centre is coming up to its 50th birthday this year!

Student Volunteering Network

The Student Volunteering Network (SVN) is a national organisation supporting workers in FE and HE to improve student volunteering, and a delivery partner for SVW.

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