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4 Things we learned from Monday of #SVW2017

Posted on 20 Feb 2017

So day 1 of #SVW2017 has been and gone and we learned 5 really important things.

1: Twitter is really busy. Lots of love for #SVW2017

We trended nationally alongside David Attenborough

We struggled to keep up up with all of your tweets throughout the day. We were amazed that you managed to get student social action trending across the UK. Keep them coming as we want to trend all week.

2: Charities value student volunteers

St John Ambulance were incredibly vocal

Today was Charity Challenge Day and charities were just as busy with telling us about the impact that student volunteers have for them as anything else. Students really do make a difference and it's often easy to forget that.

3: Student volunteering is really varied.

De Montfort SU pack condoms for Trade Sexual health

We've seen a variety of activities, (43 registered on our site for Monday, but many more taking place) from Postpals at Birmingham Guild of Students, Sheffield Hallam SU Visiting an Alpaca farm, De Montfort SU doing condom packing, Beekeeping at Liverpool University and so much more. There really is no excuse to say there is nothing for you.

4 We couldn't do this without you

Alright, this one's a bit of a cop out. We all know it. It's true. With 50 organisations registered on our site with 255 activities (and so many more not registered or added yet) we know you're the ones who really make Student Volunteering Week happen. We can't thank you enough.

SVW Team

The SVW team coordinate the national campaign and are made up of the Student Volunteer Network, NUS and Student HUBS

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