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“I would recommend everyone get involved with a charity”

Posted on 20 Feb 2017

For Student Volunteering Week last year, I visited the Sunflower Trust in Guildford, a pioneering children’s health and wellbeing charity. Sunflower delivers tailor-made programmes to improve the way a child’s brain mediates between the mind, the musculoskeletal and the biochemistry of the body - the result is a happier, healthier child. The programme has helped hundreds of children – many with diagnosed health, behavioural or learning difficulties and others who just need a little help to achieve their potential.

Throughout the day, I was involved in many aspects of the charity’s work including: talks with the founder; suggestions for fundraising; helping to plan a marketing campaign to roll out in 2017 and brainstorming relationship building. I developed a good understanding of how the charity works and the enormous effort that goes in from such a small team, day-to-day.

I think I walked into my charity day with my eyes closed and didn’t know what to expect. It wasn’t until I came away and reflected on the day that I truly realised the impact that the Sunflower Trust has and the amazing work it does. I would truly recommend everyone to get involved in the work of the Sunflower Trust, or at least to open your eyes to charity work generally. A small effort can make a real difference to people needing support.

A few words from Nichola Atkinson, the CEO of Sunflower:

“It’s not often that one person can make an impact in just one day but Ben certainly did. His input to our 2017 marketing campaign was both useful and fresh. As a charity, we need to continually innovate and, with such a limited budget, any marketing we undertake must cost next to nothing - which means thinking creatively! This is something Ben did with ease throwing all kinds of ideas into the mix. Indeed, some of these we will be implementing in this year’s campaign.

We hope to welcome him back for Student Volunteering Week 2017.”

Ben Fox

Ben Fox, aged 21, studies Business Management at Surrey University, and shares here his experience of working with the Sunflower Trust for Student Volunteering Week.

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