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Supporting Student Led Initiatives

Posted on 23 Feb 2017

At King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU) we pride ourselves in supporting our students in achieving their student led initiatives. To celebrate our students hard work, I would like to shine a spotlight on them and their innovative projects.

KCL Hot Chocolate society are a homeless society at King’s. Making the holidays more inclusive, every Christmas they fundraise and organise Project Santa, where they hit the streets to give out warm clothes, hygiene essentials, and warm drinks to those in need. Christmas can be a sensitive time for rough sleepers who may not have a family or home to return to. KCL Hot Chocolate hold drives in our 3 main campuses to collect clothes, food and sanitary products from the student body to spread the holiday cheer among the homeless.

“I felt extremely hearted when Clive (a rough sleeper I had met on a few occasions) was talking to some new volunteers I was leading. He mentioned particularly, how our gifts and concern over Christmas made a real difference for them over that period. That made me feel that our work and time, no matter how small, had at least made some impact.” Wei Heng Teo, Hot Chocolate President

KCL Marrow society is a fundraising and volunteering society, which raises money for the charity Anthony Nolan and recruits stem cell donors in order to help save lives. They hold weekly recruitment events at the various campuses, halls of residences and societies at Kings, especially aiming to increase diversity on the stem cell register, which is so important and will be holding a drive during #SVW2017 in the halls of residence.

“I probably have felt most proud at the annual National Marrow AGM, where family members of those who have received bone marrow donations or the individuals themselves have spoken. These are such touching experiences and it really makes me realise that by being a part of Marrow, you are part of something so special. I wish for every volunteer to have this feeling.” Aayushi Pandya, KCL Marrow President

KCLSU Marrow Committee

At KCLSU, you don’t have to be a dedicated volunteering society to get involved and hold an outreach project. King’s Gospel Society is the perfect example of that. A group of dedicated students who love to sing, have fun and are open to learning new things. During Christmas, Deborah Aladerun organised an Operation Christmas Child Workshop in December. They wrapped up shoe boxes and filled them with presents and stationary for less fortunate kids. They donated the boxes to Samaritan’s Purse and they flew the boxes over to kids in Bolivia!

But I could not talk about Volunteering or Outreach at King’s without mentioning the amazing work that King’s RAG and KCL Islamic Society do every year. The Islamic society run the ARK project every year and is an amazing success in line with the Qur’an and their faith.

“We created the ARK Project(Acts of Random Kindness), where we can fill our time with righteous, good deeds and where we can put our belief and knowledge into action. For our belief needs to be manifested in our actions - actions of the heart, the mouth and the limbs.” KCL Islamic society

The three projects within ARK are Gift Boxes, Tackling Isolation & Loneliness in the Elderly and Tackling Homelessness.

Islamic society and RAG both raise a huge amount of money for deserving causes and this year KCLSU societies already raised £128,004.90 thanks to their hard work and dedication, along with other societies leading fundraising initiatives.

Meg Kilmister

I am the Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinator at King’s College London Students’ Union, supporting our students and helping them to achieve their student-led volunteering and fundraising initiatives

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