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We're half way there....

Posted on 23 Feb 2017

Community Connections at Imperial had SVW up in lights

So it's reached the halfway point in #SVW2017 and what a week it's been so far. We thought we would highlight some of the key things so far:

We've had 60 different institutions sign up online recording 295 events, with many more still to be added that will involve a predicted 19,190 students!!!!! We've had everything from volunteering fares, to visiting an alpaca farm, to beach clean ups, to painting community centres, to Imperial lighting up the skies of London.

Our #SVW2017 has literally not stopped. The SVW Team have had phones that have just constantly had notifications. On Monday we trended across the UK and got #1 very briefly, until David Attenborough knocked us off. The 'Instagram Challenge' has been active with people eager to show what they do.

#SVW2017 trending in the UK

We've been featured in the press. The Guardian Voluntary Sector have been incredibly active on our hashtag. There have been stories about how to support volunteers. There have been numerous radio interviews both by the national team and coverage from local areas.

The #IWill Campaign have released a report from their survey that shows social action leads to a far higher rate of life satisfaction. That doesn't shock us but contains some other fantastic statistics.

We've featured 13 blogs offering advice, resources, press templates, volunteer case studies, institution spotlights and more. More blogs will come throughout the week.

To those of you who have ran events, highlighted volunteers, volunteered yourselves, turned up, tweeted and more. Thank you. You make the week and we love it.

SVW Team

The SVW team coordinate the national campaign and are made up of the Student Volunteer Network, NUS and Student HUBS

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